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Medical Care Guide - Burn Victim

Burn Victims

The Challenges Burn Victims Confront

Burn injuries are one of the most severe and painful types of injuries to live with. Burn victims not only require long-term medical treatment, but also have to live with physical disfigurement, emotional scarring, and a substantial change in their life and the life of their family. Estimates by the American Burn Injury Association indicate that 500,000 burn victims receive medical treatment every year for burn injuries. Forty thousand of these burn victims required hospitalization.

Living with Burn Injuries

Every day burn victims are reminded of their injury. Scarring, pain, lifelong medical care, and massive medical bills are constant reminders. Oftentimes, medical insurance fails to cover all of the necessary expenses that result from a burn injury. This leaves burn victims with the hefty cost of paying for treatment. It can also become difficult for a spouse that cares for the burn victim. Emotionally it can become draining because the burden of assisting the burn victim requires an intense commitment

What Types of Treatment Can a Burn Victim Receive ?

A burn victim’s treatment depends on the type of burn. First-degree burns only affect the top layer of the skin, second-degree burns affect both the top layer of the skin and the skin beneath it, and third-degree burns permanently destroy the skin’s tissue. The most severe burns may require several types of treatments, including the use of skin grafts, pressure garments, skin substitutes, and dermabrasion to help lesson or correct disfigurement.

Who is Liable for a Burn Victim’s Injuries ?

Burn injury treatment is expensive. An injury that occurred because of someone’s negligence or intentional conduct may create a cause of action against the liable party. Sometimes it is difficult to ascertain the person or people responsible, especially when it occurs in a place where it is unclear who is in possession of the property. For instance, this is often the situation involving a burn accident on a construction site. Establishing who had control over the property is an important part of determining liability. The landowner is not necessarily responsible for the burn victim’s injury. The law instead places liability on the person or entity that has control over the property because it is the land possessor’s responsibility to discover dangerous conditions on the property

A burn victim’s attorney will make the determination of the liable party. The attorney will use experts to help establish the cause of the injuries, the emotional impact, the cost of medical care, and the level of pain and suffering. Experts may include life care planners, cause and origin experts, psychiatrists, and physicians. Experts will help determine the amount of compensation the burn victim should receive for their injuries.

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